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Funding. Done Rite. Ditch the popcorn bucket and become a movie mogul, crowdfunding for exclusive access or a share of the profits.

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CryptoKnights is "Shark Tank meets Crypto" on steroids, showcasing the hottest crypto projects out there.

But here’s the crazy part: CryptoKnights lets you, the viewer, get access to the tokens of these projects before they take off.

Own a CryptoKnight NFT and get free tokens from 30 featured Season 1 projects. Don’t just be a viewer. Become an investor.

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Our Rite Fund allows High-Net-Worth Individuals or VCs to invest directly into our CryptoKnights show.

As a member, you'll receive preferential allocation, at discounted rates, to the hottest projects featured on our upcoming crypto version of Shark Tank – CryptoKnights.

A minimum of 500,000 $RITE needs to be staked to qualify.

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